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  About Mizuhiki
  Mizuhiki is ancient art form using cord that is created by twisted traditional Japanese paper - called Washi - together tightly. It is sid that its origin dates back to the Asuka period (592-710).
There are number of different forms of Mizuhiki .It is traditionally to create decorations that given engagement gift. Other traditional form is decorative cord tied for Japanese envelopes that used for birth of baby, weddings, and funerals. These days, it is also use for Mizuhiki accessory, such as earrings, hair accessories or brooches.
Engage gifts Japanese enveloves

It says, the unique, attractive characteristics of Mizuhiki brings luck to person to person, it has the power to make people happy, so it is perfect gift for someone or yourself. All of Mizuhiki part made from Japanese Mizuhiki craftsman by their hands, so it is really delicate, creative, and gorgeous.

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